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Monday Morning Delight

Not going to write a full story about it, but I just had some lovely ‘Morning Delight’ with Clarence and Anne. I walked over, cooked them breakfast, we all had some tasty Bloody Marys.

Then we slow fucked for two hours. Kissing and licking and touching and fucking. I actually rimmed Anne! It’s pretty rare for me to have a tongue up in another woman’s asshole. We kissed while Clarence fucked us both. 

What a marvelous way to start a Monday.

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Anonymous asked: You have really beautiful feet, is that tattoo on your ankle real?

My Queen of Spades tattoos are temporary. I put them on in various places on me when I go out or if I’m hooking up.

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Anonymous asked: Does your daughter film your sex acts?

No - she’s photographed me nude, but never during sex.

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