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Anonymous asked: Kate, how do you feel about being intimate with Anne? You have mentioned that you are not bisexual but you will do whatever Clarence asks you to do. Are you starting to like it?

Clarence doesn’t often push for Anne and I to play together, which I’m thankful for. When he does, it’s often just light foreplay when the three of us are together.

I still don’t think the bisexual label applies to me. That said, I’m very very close to Anne and I’m very intimate with her and we’re very comfortable with each others bodies and I love her to death. If Clarence weren’t in the picture, we wouldn’t be lovers, but I think we’d remain very close friends.

I’m not sure that entirely answers your question, but it’s the best I can give you at this point. 

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Anonymous asked: Hello Kate: how is your relationship with Clarence and Anne progressing? Are you moving towards a poly-amorous relationship? Do you see a future in which both you and Anne will Clarence's girlfriends or wives? Thanks.

Thanks for the question. Things between all three of us are still taking shape. We’re certainly all growing closer and all having a pretty profound effect on each other. I may write more about that at some point, but I still need some perspective.

I think all three of us see Anne as Clarence’s girlfriend. I think Anne and Clarence see me as Clarence’s girlfriend. The only holdout is me. Sometimes, I call Clarence my boyfriend and sometimes I even feel it. But there’s a voice in my head that says I’m still with my husband and that until a divorce happens, I’m just playing and that it isn’t real.

As far as marrying Clarence - probably not. I’ve already given myself to Clarence in ways that to me are at least as sacred as the vows I took with my husband. 

I guess, ideally, I’d love to live with Clarence and Anne together all in one big house. It sounds sweet, but I’m also trying to stay present and appreciate what I have right now.

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Going to take a break from posting or re-posting my usual stuff today. My head and heart are just too focused on Ferguson.

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Reposting Chapter 3 of In Spades

This is a re-post of one of the early chapters from our first book, In Spades. It’s the story of how I ended up cheating for the first time.

Gin and Bourbon


So this is where things really started I guess. It was the first time I cheated on David. Then things just sort of got out of control, the way they sometimes do. It seemed to me that David and I had a pretty average sex life. After the kids, we still probably found time for sex a few times a week. David was never a bad lover and I still loved the way he smelled. He had a decent cock and could use it pretty well. He wasn’t what I would call a creative lover though. Our fucking rarely lasted more than 15 minutes and usually ended without me cumming. I’d only been able to cum when I was riding a cock or masturbating. Since David liked missionary most of the time, I was left to get myself off.

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Anonymous asked: as a married woman, do you have any qualms fucking a married man, if his wife was unaware?

I don’t like doing that because I like to avoid drama and risk having it dragged back into my life. I’ll do it if it’s a strict command from Clarence or if there is clearly no chance for future drama (for instance if they are separated and living in another state and have no plans to get back together), but that’s pretty rare.

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To whomever is buying my books in Australia lately: THANKS! I Hope you really enjoy them. Big hugs and kisses from far away! XO Kate

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